Meet Your Social Ads Mentors

We don’t just create ads.

We launch campaigns with the express intent of pinpointing and reaching highly-engaged, ready-to-act clients that are qualified and eager to learn more about what you have to offer – and act on it.

Why settle for mediocre campaign results and tepid interaction on your ads when you can have a robust, interested and passionate audience that looks forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see what’s next?

Those are the kinds of prospects every smart business wants – and the kind of customers we’re ready to serve.

Sam Bell III, Founder/CEO

Fun Fact: Sam can calculate numbers in his head pretty fast and he loves analyzing data when he’s not playing with his 3 sons.

Carmina Cabrera,

Operations Manager

Fun Fact: Has a talent on multitasking (Watching Netflix, Listen to podcast, and browsing) all at the same time and remarkably understands them all

Samantha Viktoria Acosta, Project Manager

Fun Fact: Samantha loves Barbie and the color pink so much that most of her things are color coded by pink and lavender.

Julious Desumala, 

Head Media Buyer

Fun Fact: After a pregnant dog came to his doorstep with nowhere to go, Julious became the proud paw-rent of 5 fur babies.

Jake Pader,

Media Buyer

Fun Fact: I like to sing a lot especially when taking a shower.

Krishna Marie E. Gravidez,

Media Buyer

Fun Fact: Krishna’s dog is more than just a dog -- it’s her baby.

Wresty Brent E. Lomigo, 

Web Developer

Fun Fact: Before becoming a web developer, Wresty taught guitar lessons to beginners.

Glazz Arceo, 


Fun Fact: Glazz watched the American TV sitcom Friends for over 10x.

Jade Martine Cruz,


Fun Fact: Jade was once a guitarist for a school band.

Gemerson Lorenzo, 

Graphic Designer

Fun Fact: Gemerson loves binge watching series in just one sitting.

 Joshua Gallinera,

Automation Engineer

Fun Fact: Joshua loves eating pizza & telling dad jokes.

Mc Lester Bendong, 

Automation Engineer

Fun Fact: Mc Lester worked as a copier technician for three years.